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Army Rangers Special Ops



Book One In The Army Rangers Special Ops

Former Army Ranger Kash Walker isn’t afraid to take a risk. Risk taking is his specialty. But now that he’s survived yet another dangerous mission in Afghanistan, he’s exhausted and looks forward to rest and relaxation. The fewer problems, the better as far as he’s concerned.

Emily Jones knows how to handle anything that comes her way. It’s what she’s done since her parents were killed in a freak accident. She took on the role of parent to her brothers and sister and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What begins as a pleasant siesta from the horrors of the world soon transforms into the last thing Kash needs—a noisy tenant in his rental property next door. The biggest surprise is the lone adult of the bunch. She is definitely something to look at from the back, but the noise coming out of that backyard is more than he can handle.

As Emily settles into life in the new house, she looks forward to a life with her younger siblings, but someone is determined to make sure she never feels safe. She doesn’t know why, but she’s sure someone is following her. Now the only question is… should she enlist the help of her handsome yet grouchy landlord or can she tackle this problem on her own?



Book Two In The Army Rangers Special Ops

Angel Davis loves his solitude. That’s why after the former Army Ranger Special Forces surgeon bought a piece of land on an island. It gives him the space he needs to forget the awful things he saw during the war.

His land is his safe place, where he can control who visits, when, and for how long. The six-room cabin he calls home also provides plenty of space for him to drink his sorrows away and wallow in the memories that haunt him.

Ainsley Scott inherited a dream. Now the proud owner of half an island and guardian of her other inheritance—her niece—she’s free to do whatever she wants while she’s there. But a climb to the roof of her home leads to fall and broken arm.

Sure she needs help, and fast, Ainsley sends her niece to find the only other known person on the island—a descendent of her grandfather’s late sworn enemy. But will seeking the help of a man who wants desperately to be left alone open up old wounds, create new wounds, or at the very least, help her heal from her current wound?

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Book Three In The Army Rangers Special Ops

Matt Grey excels at many things, but relationships aren’t one of them. As a former Army Ranger Special Ops team member and current attorney, he has enough tools in his arsenal to get through almost anything, except heartache after the only woman he ever loved leaves him.

Lara West has seen it all. As a tough-as-nails journalist, she made it her mission to expose the world’s atrocities and make sure the world knew what the US government didn’t want them to know. Her life had purpose. Her heart was full. She had the man of her dreams… until she received evidence that Matt wasn’t the man she thought he was. She turned her heartache into action and now devotes her life going undercover in dangerous places to share the plight of those who are abused, malnourished, and mistreated.

When Lara finds herself in the crosshairs of a fight she can’t win alone, Matt, who now works for a private security agency made up of other former Army Special Ops Rangers, must come to the rescue. With everything on the line, will these former lovers work together to save themselves or will their past come back to haunt them?

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