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Female Special Agents

Agent raeann o'riley

Book One In The female special agents Series

Raeann O’Riley thought her dreams had come true when she met her soulmate, Nick Bannon. But her fantasy is shattered after a jealous rival for his affection drugs and seduces him, and worse, becomes pregnant. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, Raeann slams the door on her heart and throws away the key, dedicating herself to her career as a criminal profiler for the FBI.

Seven years later, when a missing person’s case crosses her desk, Raeann must reopen the wounds that destroyed her life so that she may save the life of a child - and not just any child, but Max, Nick’s only son.

But there are worse terrors than a broken heart, and when Raeann’s mission becomes a battle for survival, she finds herself up against an enemy so evil and cunning that her own will to survive might not be enough to save her.

Agent sage brooks

Book two In The female special agents Series

FBI agent Sage Brooks never shies away from trouble. She's level headed, laser-focused, and hopelessly attracted to the man she can't have, and that's a problem.

As she hunts for a serial killer, she finds herself pulled in different directions. One wants to get the sick madman off the streets. The other wishes she could spend some time with her uber-sexy boss, but since office romances are strictly forbidden, she'll have to wait...or will she?

Can she root out the elusive serial killer before he or she strikes again? And will she adhere to the office rules or take her chance.

And why does she feel like someone is watching her?

Agent Emma stone

Book three In The female special agents Series

FBI Agent Emma Stone walked a long, hard road to get to where she is today. Placed in foster care after the brutal killing of her mother at the hands of her father, she’s dedicated her life to helping others and keep criminals off the streets.

When she receives a letter from her imprisoned estranged father asking her to take care of a little brother she never knew existed, Emma is forced to not only accept his existence and reconcile her feelings about the irreparable harm her father has done to her life and her psyche. She must find her little brother before he gets lost in the system.

One-time, FBI Agent Liam Price cares about truth, justice, and Emma, more than anything in the world. He follows Emma to a town where she’s hunting down a local drug dealer who’s an official in this small-town community.


Can he find her before the drug dealers realize who she is?


Agent Skye Suneagle

Book four In The female special agents Series

Skye Suneagle is desperate. Her sister’s life is in the hands of a drug-dealing human trafficker. It’s all she can do to keep her sister’s face and name in the forefront of people’s minds.
With few clues and a sadistic madman who will do anything to evade justice, Skye will need more than good luck and desperation to locate her sister and bring the perpetrator to justice. Having Lucas Ryan as a partner wasn’t in her plans.

Lucas Ryan can help, but he knows he’s up against a formidable force who has no fear and no compassion. With each passing moment, the dangers Dakota faces increase.


Agent Brinley Ryan

Book five In The female special agents Series

Arrow Cooper has wanted no one as much as he wants Brinley, his friend’s nerdy sister. He wonders what’s behind the buttoned-up, big glasses-wearing exterior.

FBI Special Agent Brinley Ryan has more to offer than anyone thinks she does. Not only is she well-respected in the agency, she’s also lauded as one of America’s top secret agents. She’s currently tasked with bringing in Crocker, the biggest known human trafficker and drug distributor in the United States. He’s her only focus. A long-term relationship is not on her radar… until she meets Arrow. He just may change her mind.

Will their unexpected attraction to each other help or hinder their efforts to bring Crocker to justice or will his reign of terror continue?

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