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Band of Navy Seals

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Book one in The Band of Navy Seals series

Three years ago, former Navy Seal Killian Cooper lost his wife and thought he’d never find a love like that again. That is… until he meets Bird Brewer. The two spend an unforgettable night together.

Bird Brewer, a Louisiana native, knew she was in trouble the moment she first laid eyes on Killian. The D.C. based father is everything she wants in a man… if he lived closer to her.

When Bird is kidnapped, Killian and a couple of his team of ex Navy Seal buddies are on the case. He doesn’t hesitate to pack his bags and travel to Louisiana to save her, but what he discovers there may be more deadly than he thinks.

Find out what happens when a one-night stand could lead to a lifetime if they survive!



Book two in the Band of Navy Seals Series

Rowan doesn’t deny he’s always loved Piper, but love wasn’t enough. Years after breaking her heart, he’s a different man. Now a former Navy Seal who works as a high-security bodyguard, he is stunned to learn Piper is the target of a crazed maniac who will stop at nothing to kill her.

Piper lives a happy life, no thanks to the only man she’s ever loved. After Rowan broke her heart, she built a new life without him. But her carefree existence is threatened. An out-of-control schizophrenic has set his sights on her. She needs help, but the person who could help her is the one she hoped to never see again.

Will their shared history help or hurt their chances of out-running and out-maneuvering a man on a deadly mission



Book three in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Zane, former Navy Seal, looks forward to an easy assignment after a long string of hard-fought cases. As a Band of Navy Seals security bodyguard and rescue team member, he’s dealt with his fair share of difficult clients. This new post promises to be one of the easiest yet… until he meets his client and realizes what they’re up against.

Polly is no stranger to trouble. It comes with the territory when you spend your days and nights entertaining large crowds and singing the songs they love. But nothing she’s faced has been as difficult as almost losing her niece to a man bent on destroying her. Now she must rely on a stranger to keep her safe before a hired gun ends her life.
A crazed man wants Polly dead.

Can Zane remain focused on the job or will Polly’s beauty and charms make him lose his head and jeopardize his mission

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Book four in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Frankie Strong is in trouble. A brilliant surgeon with an equally brilliant mind, she knows better than to fall for a patient. But he just might be worth the risk.

Storm Anderson is a force to be reckoned with, but even the mighty fall sometimes. When he’s shot seven times, rushed to the E.R., and declared dead, all that’s left is his proud legacy… until a brilliant surgeon brought him back.

Both used to operating under extreme pressure, but neither has ever experienced feelings this intense before.

With someone intent on kidnapping Frankie, can a recuperating Storm keep her safe from harm?



Book five in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Ash is relieved Willow can finally go on with her life free of fear after her sadistic mob boss ex-father-in-law dies. What he doesn’t yet know is the threats to her life still exist. Her ex-father-in-law had friends—friends who also want Willow and her baby Ruby dead.

Willow is caught off guard and mad as hell when someone throws her into the back of a black Sedan. She knows immediately the mob is to blame, but for the life of her, she can’t figure out why.

The last person Willow wants to guard her is a former Navy Seal who is too good-looking for his own good.

Will he come to her rescue yet again, and at what cost?



Book six in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Jonah is no stranger to bad girls, but this bad girl goes above and beyond to prove her toughness. This time, though, she’s not the offender. She is attacked by some men tied to escaped mentally deranged prisoners who are out to get Rory.

Rory is a Scottish beauty with a penchant for trouble. Thrown in jail for beating up a man who was beating a child, she must contain her emotions and save her black and red belts for an actual match, not barroom brawls.

Jonah has to drop everything to rescue his toughest client yet. Can he find her before she picks a fight she can’t win?



Book seven in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Former Navy Seal Kane Walsh is a strong man with a strong personality, who makes his living providing security for high-value targets. A man with his skills and a to-die-for Scottish accent can handle just about anything. What he wasn’t equipped to handle was a certain beautiful FBI Special Agent who isn’t keen on following orders.

FBI Special Agent Julia Sparrow doesn’t want to admit it, but she misses Kane more than she’s ever missed anyone or anything in the world. But the idea of letting herself fall head over heels for him scares her. After years of watching her mother endure brutal beatings until her boyfriend finally killed her, makes Julia hesitant to open her life and her heart to a man.

They live their lives on their own terms… until the cartel pays a visit and Kane is suddenly thrust back into the position of rescuing Julia or die trying.



Book eight in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Former Nay Seal Austin Sawyer had the best few nights of his life with a gorgeous Scottish woman. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since then, but time, distance, and circumstance have kept them apart...until now.

Elspeth Walsh knew her sister’s wedding would be memorable, but she had no idea she’d remember it for something more than a beautiful wedding, that didn't turn out as it was supposed to. She met a man who brought something out in her that she didn’t even know she had. A few nights with him made her want more. If only she could see him again…

Now, life in Scotland for Elspeth is the opposite of the nights of passion she shared with Austin. A crazy man she doesn’t love thinks he can force her to marry him, and she needs help. In desperation, she calls her brother in the U.S. to help her. What she doesn’t know is he’s bringing his friend with him.

Will sparks fly again when Austin and Elspeth reunite or will those few nights together be the only nights they spend together.



Book nine in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Luke Wilson’s life essentially ended the day his wife died on a mission overseas. In the four years she’s been gone, his anguish has left him a shell of his former self. Women have come and gone from his life, none of them relieving his pain or giving him a reason to reclaim the person he once was.

When his former lieutenant asks him to join Band of Navy Seals, a high security guard business, Luke finally finds something he can devote himself to. What he doesn’t yet know, he’ll soon have something else to help him transition to a new phase of life.

Missy Wesson is adored by everyone. She hopes Luke will be one of them. All she has to do is find a way to break through the steely façade he’s built around his heart and convince him she’s exactly what he needs in his life.

Has Luke finally found what he needs to relieve the pain or will his grief block any chance for future happiness?



Book ten in The Band of Navy Seals Series

Finding his wife in bed with the neighbor’s seventeen-year-old son was the best thing that ever happened to Ryes. His marriage was over long before this stroke of luck. With a new job offer in his back pocket, he packed his bags, filed for divorce, and let the neighbors know what their son had been up to, and moved to California.

Six years later, his job with the Band of Navy Seals high-security team is exactly what he needs. He loves working with the team, loves the excitement, and loves how fulfilling it is.

When Riley, the Seal’s long-time coworker, goes missing, Ryes and his buddies are worried and desperate to find her. But unbeknownst to the others, Ryes’ worry goes beyond friendship. He truly has feelings for her, and now he’ll do anything to get her back.

Riley doesn’t know where she is or who took her, but she knows she’s heard that strange noise before… but where? Her kidnapper hasn’t said a word. Her fate is unknown. Crying won’t help, but that’s all she has. There is no way out.

Will Ryes and the Seals find her before it’s too late?

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