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Delta Force Guardians



Book One In Delta Force Guardians

Cole’s return home after four years in an Iranian prison was meant to bring solace, but fate had other plans for the man better known as Viper.

Enter the mysterious woman living in solitude, pursued by a relentless stalker. Unable to stand by, Viper sweeps into her life, proposing a fake engagement to silence the nosy people in their small mountain town after insisting she move in with him.

Bailey’s cabin was meant to be a refuge from her tormenter, not an unexpected detour into a stranger’s world.

However, her initial resistance of Viper taking charge begins to crumble as sparks fly and their limited shared space awakens dormant desires. And while she feels safe for the first time in too long, he poses a different challenge to her guarded heart.


Their undeniable attraction and the heat from just a simple touch leaves them both perilously close to shattering their resolve to avoid love. The question is: will they surrender to their yearning, or can they find a way to defy the odds?



Book Two In Delta Force Guardians

Steel never expected to see Charlotte again, but he finally has a chance to make amends, and he plans on taking it.

Years ago, Charlie frequently visited her aunts in the Appalachian Mountains near his home. Until he took out his anger and grief on her and she fled back to Texas. Since then, she hasn’t returned.

Charlie never wanted to come back to this place, but when disaster strikes, she’s forced to finally confront her past.

After a near fatal accident, the normally unshakable detective finds herself being taken care of by none other than Levi—the man who made her leave so long ago. Together, she and the Delta Force Guardian better known as Steel work to find the person responsible for her injuries.

There’s just one problem… the hate and hurt they once felt has faded, replaced with a magnetic pull that’s getting too difficult to fight. Can Steel and Charlie stay under one roof without sharing a bed? Or will their entangled hearts forever shift their worlds?



Book Three In Delta Force Guardians

James Belmont, better known as Ghost, could never pass up a dare, and that tenacity made him lose the only woman he’d ever loved.

He and his high school sweetheart waited until she finished med school to finally get married, but when his bachelor party leads to a drunken night and a horrible misunderstanding, she calls it all off. Ghost has no idea what really happened that night. The only thing he’s sure of is that nothing would ever make him cheat on Allison. And he’s determined to make her believe him.

Allison was heartbroken when she found Ghost in bed with another woman, and it took everything she had not to return to him right away.

Five years later, fate brings them back together as the Russian mafia storms the hospital where she works. Who better to sweep in and save the day than the man with whom she’d once planned to spend her life?

However, Allison fears they missed their chance. Too much time has slipped away. But is it ever too late to be with the person you’re meant to love forever?

It’s a good thing Ghost never backs down from a challenge.

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