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The Lasting Love

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Keeper Of His Heart

Book One In The Lasting Love Series

Poppy Sumpter never wanted a bodyguard, especially not one as fearsome as Jackson Robertson. But when a group of murderous thugs makes Poppy their prime target, she has no choice but to join forces with her handsome bodyguard.  


Driven into hiding, Poppy and Jackson grow closer, and she opens up to her protector in ways she never dreamed possible. How could she feel so safe with a man who seemed so intimidating? She could almost forget about the murderous thieves tracking her every footstep, hunting her down for what she stole from them.


When the thieves discover their secret hideaway, however, Poppy realizes she has another problem on her hands. She must reveal a family secret to Jackson, something she would never have told him. Something that could change the way he sees her forever.

Mending Broken Hearts ebook.jpg
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Mending Broken Hearts

Book Two In The Lasting Love Series

Heart-broken widow Lily thought she would never find love again. The discovery of her late husband’s secret affair left her questioning what was wrong with her, and even four years later, she feels the betrayal as if it happened yesterday.


Then Callum McDougall happened. And now, whether she likes it or not, she has to save his life.


In a supernatural disaster that risks exposing her families fairie, magical abilities too, all of the McDougall’s Lily must overcome her fears and insecurities to save the man she has come to love. She must confront her deepest insecurities, and find the courage to overcome the heartbreak that left her wounded years ago.

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Don't Break My Heart

Book Three In The Lasting Love Series

Jami Lancaster has loved David Sumpter since she was sixteen. His heroism, as well as his passion for saving all the souls he can, awaken a fire in her heart like no other—even though David has been gone for two years, imprisoned by the very people he was trying to save.


Now David is free, and he has returned home. But when he shows interest in dating other women, Jami loses her hope that David will ever feel the same way about her. She almost gives up on her dreams of being with David when the unthinkable happens:

She gets kidnapped.


And there’s only one man who can come to her rescue. And all the faerie magic in the world can’t help him.

Time through the heart ebook.jpg

Time Through The Heart

Book Four In The Lasting Love Series

She's a hopeless romantic. He's an angry spirit. When their worlds collide, sparks fly, and so do tempers. Follow them as they travel through time for each other.
The first rule of visiting a haunted Scottish castle; don't fall in love with a ghost.

The second rule; don't travel back in time.

The third rule; don't get killed.


Romancing His Heart

Book Five In The Lasting Love Series

Summer Sumpter is a people-watcher. It comes with the territory as a romance writer. Unfortunately for her, the steamy bits of her romance don't. Her friend writes those, but that notion flies out of the window when she spots a gorgeous man on the train. He's the perfect hero for her next book.
It doesn't take long for ideas to start flowing and a character's name to enter her head. Too bad he has no idea why she's calling him by the wrong name.
Jared is on the hardest trip of his life. Off to say his final goodbyes to his friend, the last thing on his mind is love, but when he sees the sexiest woman he's ever seen in his life, he's instantly smitten. She's almost perfect. If he didn't hear her call him Thomas and whisper something about magic, he'd tell her himself.
Now Summer is in a conundrum. He's the inspiration for her best romance book yet, but she can't tell him her secret, and she definitely can't fall in love with him...or can she?.

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